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Changes to
employment law

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Your pre-boarding processes and audit
trail have never been more important

With several employment law changes coming into force from the 6th April, HR and Recruitment professionals really need their pre-boarding and onboarding processes to deliver for them. It’s time to work smarter, especially when you’ve got a new non-negotiable deadline;
hello day 1.

Legislation breaches can carry consequences, meaning your pre-boarding processes really need to be on point.

Don’t just take it our word for it, we’ve teamed up with Lisa Kelly, Associate Solicitor from Muckle LLP
to provide an overview on the changes to the written statement of terms.

Lisa specialises in employment law. Before this and has experiences as a senior HR adviser in the public sector. Her experience has given her a great understanding of the issues and pressures clients face.

In her role at Muckle, Lisa advises on all aspects of employment law, from day-to-day
employment issues to large scale projects and corporate transactions.

Current Situation

Currently, employers must provide employees whose employment is to continue for more than one month with a written statement with certain terms of employment and other pieces of information which complies with the provisions of sections 1 and 3 of the Employment Rights Act 1996.
This must be provided within 2 months of them commencing work for the employer.

View Employment rights act 1996

New Legislation

From 6 April 2020, employers will be required to provide the written statement of terms on or before the first day of employment to both employees and workers. Except in some limited circumstances, this only applies to new employees and workers employed or engaged on or after 6 April 2020.

The information to be included in the written statement from day one is also being expanded. In addition to the current information that must be provided for all new joiners on or after 6 April 2020 the statement should also include:


Muckle LLP recommend that employers review and update their existing template contractual documentation and review recruitment processes to ensure that contractual documentation is prepared and issued to employees and workers on or before the first day of employment.

Find out more about Muckle LLP and their employment law services.

From the 6th April you will need to issue your written
terms before or on day 1 of employment and you will
need to be able to evidence that you’ve done this.

We recommend reviewing your processes, looking where human error could creep in and looking at how automation could help ensure your pre-boarding process keeps moving, delays could lead to a day 1 breach.

At human our Onboarding Success Managers are here to help you work smarter not harder.
As notoriously time poor individuals we know the HR community are looking to reduce the amount
of QA checks needed in processes and get a firm grip on audit trails.

Let human help take the stress out of day 1

Muckle llp employment law services

Ensure compliance and Save time

The great things about human is our software is customisable, we can automate your processes, you and your teams don’t need to follow someone else’s. There is not one size fits all.

As compliance becomes more and more important it is vital you really own your pre-boarding process. This might be a great time to work with our team who are experts in creating slick complaint processes that save time and produce customisable reports at the touch of a button.
With our customisable software you can benefit from:

Our research tells us the pre-boarding stage create the most problems for HR and Recruitment professionals, with many stating compliance and paperwork as their biggest issues. With human this can easily become a thing of the past.

We promise you’ll see the difference

At human we ae so confident you’ll see and feel the difference we offer a 90-day promise. In 90 days, you’ll see an 80% time saving, compared to a manual process and you’ll have a clear digital audit trail to support your compliance efforts.

If you’ve got any questions about our 90-day promise get in touch with our Onboarding Success Managers for more information.

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