Core features
for a great first impression

Humans’ core features have been designed by HR and people professionals and built by technical experts.
Human has been designed to elevate your onboarding program, it fits your unique mould.

Save time

With customisable forms, secure document upload and e-signature functionality the pre-boarding process becomes quicker, slicker and more compliant. 

A consistent approach

Features such as the multi-media welcome portal, customisbale review portal and progress tracker help ensure new starters receive the same key messages and follow the same process regardless of their manager. 

Sync systems

As technical experts we can build integration for most HR systems to help streamline processes and make the most of your data.  

  • Pre-boarding
  • Compliance & Security
  • Setting up for Success
  • Engagement & cultural Learning
  • Development & Support
  • Reporting & Management


40% of HR and people professionals say the time all the paperwork takes in their current onboarding process is their biggest pain point. The customisable electronic forms, your documents portal, e-signature and contract and role prole features save HR teams a huge amount of time. There is no longer the need to manually input data several times as your new starter has done this for you along with signing their contract in the comfort of their own home on a device of their choosing.

You can also say goodbye to chasing up paperwork and forms from new starters manually human will do this for you with reminders and push notifications.

As well as saving time, Human helps the HR team save money and paper, just think about how many sheets of paper are used printing forms and creating induction packs. Human has saved one global retailer £31,000 in this respect in just 12 months.

and Security

You can feel at ease knowing all your new colleagues important information such as a signed contract is all stored in one secure place and reduce the vulnerability posting documents such as this placed on the process.

With Human you can also place automated reminders and actions to ensure you comply with things such as data retention periods, right to work checks and health and safety training. Functions like this can help you improve the standards and visibility of your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Setting up
for success

Making sure your new starters have the tools they need to be successful the moment they walk through the door is key. There is nothing worse than a workstation not being set up, not being able to log on, a lack of equipment or uniform, it makes for a terrible first day. With human you can use the customisbale equipment and uniform portal to make sure your new starters or their manager can select what they need before they start, their choices are sent to the right departments to sign off and action them. Come day one, they are ready to hit the ground running.

Knowing what is expected in role and understanding how individual effort contributes to overall organizational to success provides much needed clarity. The ability to view a role profile and objectives throughout the onboarding process helps your new starters become more productive quicker, giving them context, and ultimately setting them up for success.

Engagement and
cultural learning

If your internal brand and experience does not match your external brand and key messages new colleagues can feel disappointed and disillusioned. With Human you can create an engaging welcome through the multimedia welcome portal, if your business has great branded content this is the place to use it.
The customisbale progress track that guides new starters through the process can be as visual and engaging as you’d like use our user experience design expertise to your advantage to create a process that excites your new talent whilst severing them a frictionless experience.

The buddy system is a great way to get your new colleagues involved with the culture quickly, they can even connect before they start, a familiar and friendly face can go a long way to making sure people feel settled.

and Support

Every organistion has its own way to doing things, jargon and acronyms, the knowledge portal is a handy place to sort this kind of thing along with other key information new colleagues need to know. They can access this quickly and easily to develop their own understanding.

In every induction process reviews and 121’s from a key part of the process, with Human you can customise the kind of information you gather here making sure you capture progress, successes and development areas the way you need to make a difference.

You can use pulse surveys and the feedback system within human to quickly check up on how your new colleagues are feeling or ask more in-depth questions to gauge how people are feeling and if they need support without overwhelming them during their first few months.

Reporting and

Data driven decisions are smarter decisions, with the human data dashboard you can report, review, and share key metrics allowing you to benchmark and continuously improve your onboarding experience.

We’ve found another pain point HR teams face with their onboarding program is inconsistency, some managers and teams follow a prescribed process and with others any form of pre-planned process goes out the window. The Human admin portal gives you more control, you can see where managers are with supporting new starters through the onboarding process, check if reviews have taken place and set automated reminders to ensure these key phases in the process are completed in the way they should be.

Tried and tested

On average, human customers have improved their retention by 25%.
We put this down to working with HR professionals to create customisable
elements that accelerate cultural learning and provide clarity,
through a system that eases the load placed on HR teams and managers.

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Features Table

We think with our core features will get you off to a great start.
But, if there is a feature you need, and it isn’t included in our core product, we’ll make it for you.

Pre-boarding Compliance and security Setting up for success Engagement and cultural learning Development and support Reporting and management
Electronic forms
Your documents
Contract & role profile
Progress track
Uniform & equipment portal
Welcome portal
Buddy system
Pulse survey portal
Knowledge portal
Reviews and 121
Feedback system
Admin portal
Data dashboard
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