There’s a longstanding misconception that HR is the ‘bad guy’ in the office. Many see HR as a function that exists to make rules and deliver bad news, but as everyone in HR knows, this is far from the truth. Negative perceptions have a huge impact on how the department operates, as a lack of cooperation and respect from other team members can hinder the effectiveness of the people focused function.

Help boost your team’s impact by changing perceptions and increasing understanding of the role of HR using these techniques.

Hold an open forum Q&A

A lunchtime session inviting colleagues company wide to ask the HR team questions is a great way to clear up misconceptions. Other departments should leave with a better understanding of HR is all about, and your team will be able to see more clearly where misunderstandings lie.

Start two way conversations

Facilitating two-way conversations between your team and the rest of the business will give your colleagues the opportunity to use HR to its full potential. They can share any concerns or ideas and you can show them how you’re there to make giving feedback easy. This may be through bespoke email address or even a communal ideas wall.

Make a brilliant first impression

When new starters join the company, HR is perfectly positioned to make a lasting first impression. With your team integral to the onboarding experience, you can introduce HR as the team to support colleagues in all aspects of their working lives, from the moment they walk in the door.

Introduce new working practices

Implementing new working practices such as flexible or remote working would be a great success with your wider team. Of course, changes like these may be subject to approval, but giving your colleagues the opportunity to talk about their work life balance will start to build trust.

Reduce your admin

This is probably top of your to do list to-do list but reducing the time your team spends on admin can have many benefits. Your time and focus are far more valuable when used for projects that will truly benefit your company. Using a digital solution to reduce your manual processes will go a long way to alleviating the burden of admin.