For the first time in the world of work, people will count five different generations as their colleagues. Businesses must be fully equipped to facilitate the working styles of these multi-generational teams, with Millennials and Gen-Z employees leading the way in innovative work practices. These younger team members want to work where and when suits them, with many swapping the typical nine to five role for freelancing or a varied structure of part time or freelance commitments.

Onboarding the flexible worker demands a personalised and innovative approach, different to the typical process that your company might use for full time employees. A digital onboarding system is central to giving flexible workers the structured introduction needed for them to perform at their full potential.

A thorough understanding of the business is key for flexible workers, who need to be as effective as possible, without being able to see the daily operations. Once forms, contracts and manuals have been exchanged digitally, effective onboarding software can give your new employee a digital tour of the office, step by step guides to processes and introduce the team through videos. This allows all flexible employees to understand their place in the company and what is required of them in their role. Ensuring a balance of understanding, a customisable onboarding solution will also allow the new starter to share information on their own preferences with the HR team, right from the get go.

Atypical workers offer businesses many benefits such as reduced costs, flexible staffing and versatile skill sets. If your company thrives in their onboarding, it demonstrates a commitment to part time staff, boosting retention and building an agile workforce. In times of rapid growth, where your business may struggle to offer desk space for essential new team members, then a high quality onboarding process will enable this growth.

A customised onboarding experience leaves an excellent first impression on flexible workers, who can otherwise experience a disconnect from the business. This immediate connection fosters a sense of belonging and mutual respect, leading to employer brand advocacy. A strong reputation for company culture amongst a network of high-quality freelance workers is a valuable asset when you look to recruit again.

Flexible workers with a professional command of their craft are in high demand, and their loyalties are most likely to rest with companies who value and accommodate their working needs. Customised onboarding experiences are available with digital solutions that can help you attract and retain the best talent from younger generations.

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